Jiyao LLC

We at Jiyao are dedicated to the creation
of opportunities for cross cultural interaction.
Our purpose is to promote the development of intercultural businesses.

Our business

  • Opened and became the operating company of Oukatei.(featured twice in the Michelin Guide)
    Oukatei is filled with Taisho-era romantic atmosphere. As you step onto the stone pavement, you will see cherry blossoms and autumn leaves welcoming you.
    The garden was designed by the gardener Mirei Shigemori, who is known for the garden of Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto.
    Oukatei is the only one of his works in Hiroshima city. He also named the restaurant’s tearoom Oukatei.
  • Holds tea ceremonies in the style of each school in the tearoom attached to the restaurant, creating Japanese-French fusion cuisine.
  • Provides a place to enjoy performances of leading musicians from Tokyo and support young musicians in Hiroshima.
    We regularly hold events to showcase not only contemporary music, but also the Japanese classical performing arts such as rakugo and Genji-mai. The rakugo performance has been held 6 times so far.
  • Produced Oukatei Bridal. which operates and conducts chakon-shiki wedding ceremonies.
  • Manufactures and sells Gateau, a rich, delicious layered cake, as well as Christmas Cakes, which is sold at TAU in Tokyo, Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima, Peace Memorial Park Rest House, etc.
    We also offer many gluten-free products.

Company Profile

■Business name Jiyao LLC
■Representative: Representative employee Tadafumi Okamoto
■Address: 3-9-17 Nagatsukanishi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
■Phone number: (082) 239-1000
■Capital: 3 million yen
■Businesses: Manegement of the restaurant Oukatei and teahouse, hosting wedding ceremonies and cultural events, baked confectionery production sales, etc.
■Employees: 4 people (including contract employees)


November 1959 Oukatei was founded. The construction was supervised by the famous garden designer Mirei Shigemori, who is known for designing the garden at Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto. Two years before, this prominent garden designer of the Showa period went to visit the birthplace of the Ueda Soko tea ceremony, which is located on Mt. Soko. On his way there, he happened to stop by the Okamoto family home. During a conversation with the head of the family, he decided to build a Japanese garden and tearoom that made use of their old trees.
January 1960 The Omotesenke grand master Sumie Okamoto held the first tea ceremony at Oukatei. Since then, 50 students of Omotesenke have started various tea ceremony schools.
April 1968 Oukatei began conducting more various styles of tea ceremony, such as kanou-chakai, cherry blossom viewing tea ceremony, yobanashi, evening tea, and asacha, morning tea. These ceremonies were opened to the general public.
April 1983 After the death of Sumie Okamoto, Oukatei began hosting various new events such as incense ceremony, handmade soba demonstrations, and calligraphy demonstrations. Koto performances were also introduced during certain tea ceremonies, calligraphy performances and banquets. Both pop songs and traditional Japanese music are performed on the koto.
September 2009 The owners of Oukatei began making preparations to make the establishment public, rather than private, so that it would be open for future generations. This inspired the creation of a new management company.
May 21, 2010 The management company Jiyao LLC was established in Hiroshima City, with the basic policy of spreading Japanese traditional culture around the world. Tadafumi Okamoto became the representative employee.
In the same year, a department for the promotion of food culture was established. Oukatei, the name of the tearoom, was officially registered as the name of the facility. Jiyao became the management company of the French restaurant Oukatei where you can participate in a tea ceremony.
May 2011 Various new events were planned and produced at Oukatei. In particular, the tea wedding ceremony was conducted for the first time. It took place in the tearoom and was featured in various magazines.
July 2011 Oukatei’s official website was published. It was featured on many TV programs.
2012-2013 "Oukatei was the only restaurant in the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu areas that was featured in the magazine Jalan, in the section titled "A little luxury trip".
It was also featured in many other magazines.
May 24, 2013 Oukatei was featured in the Hiroshima edition of the Michelin Guide.
2013-2016 Oukatei began to make and sell Madeleine cakes using butter made in Pamplie, France. Similarly, Campagne fluy, a French sourdough bread with dried fruit, was also manufactured and sold. Christmas cake production and sales also began.
From 2014 Oukatei began hosting music performances under the event title, "Oukatei Presents". Events were hosted four times a year, inviting active artists in Tokyo to come to Hiroshima and perform. Young musicians in Hiroshima were also invited to perform. Events featuring the traditional storytelling form, rakugo, were also held twice a year.
From 2016 Wedding services were officially offered. A wedding tea ceremony unique to Oukatei, called chakon-shiki, was produced.
2017 Trial production of "Le Pain De Oukatei", a unique bread and pastry, began. Expansion into the confectionary and bread production business began as well.
February 2018 Oukatei started full-scale production of Western confectionery Gateau using our original recipe. Booths selling Gateau were opened at various events. Oukatei was selected by JCB to be featured in "Gourmet Benefit".
April 23, 2018 Oukatei was featured in the Hiroshima-Ehime edition of the Michelin Guide, which was issued for the first time in 5 years.
June 2nd, 3rd, 2018 Oukatei was selected as a "Hiroshima Premium Restaurant" sponsored by the Hiroshima Prefecture Commerce and Industry Labor Department, and held a celebratory "Colorful Feast" with 60 participants.
July 2018 Bread production was integrated into the confectionery department.
November 2018 Oukatei was added to the businesses on the website, 47 Club. An affiliation was established between Oukatei and Chugoku Shimbun.
May 2019 The 10th anniversary of Jiyao LLC’s foundation. A 10-year memorial project was carried out.
December 2019 Gateau started selling at Hiroshima brand shop TAU in Tokyo.
January 2020 Gateau started selling at Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima.
July 2020 Gateau started selling at Hiroshima City Rest House.
October 2021 Opened "Hakushima_R", a cafe mainly for coffee and sweets, in Higashihakushima, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City.